The Significance of SMS Surveys and Feedback

Significance of SMS Surveys and Feedback
22 Sep

The Significance of SMS Surveys and Feedback

Posted by TeleOSS

Definition of an SMS Survey

It is crucial that we understand what an SMS survey is before we discuss its significance. An SMS survey is defined as a type of survey that is administered whereby the survey data is collected from respondents by the use of Small Messaging Service (SMS) features available on mobile phones.

In spite of the fact that there is a cost associated with this survey type, it is still an effective way of data collection in research. Normally, an SMS survey consists of an easy-to-deploy and respond-to-question type, just like a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question or a dichotomous question.

Asking the right audience the right question is a good practice but asking the right audience the right question using the “right platform” is even way better!

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, SMS opening rate has a massive opening rate of 98% vs only 22% for emails. These statistics prove that while emails might cost you less, the SMS survey software tool is a clear winner when trying to reach out to your audience for a survey response.

Why SMS Surveys?

Considering this Internet Age that we are in, statistics have been able to show that people across the spectrum are much more likely to take an action on the internet when available over their handy mobile devices than over desktop or laptop computers. It is a typical case of engaging with convenience rather than going through the stress of powering up a bulky device which requires more time and intermediate tasks.

An SMS survey tool allows you to ultimately utilize a unique combination of old and new technologies—SMS that are more likely to be opened by them and mobile internet that allows them to respond to polls and surveys while on the go.

Why Is Feedback Collection Needed?

In simple terms, data is very important, whether positive or negative. Receiving feedback makes businesses remodel and improve their products, services, workplace and operations.

Feedback is crucial for understanding your employees and customers, and what their views are towards your company. As soon as they are understood, this can then be analysed and acted upon and resolved, for more effectual and informed business decisions.

How Feedback Collection Is Done

1. Traditional Paper-Based Surveys

The major problems with paper-based surveys are convenience and cost. Large volumes of envelopes, printing, paper and physical distribution are required for this particular method. To say nothing of the poor engagement rate, manual analysis, and impact on the environment.

2. Email/Web-Based Surveys

Many times, email surveys are used with popular web-based survey platforms. They are way less time consuming to complete compared to traditional surveys and are also faster to produce, analyse and distribute.

3. SMS Surveys

Using TeleOSS platform, a series of questions can be perfectly sent via SMS. Recipients of the SMS will be able to respond anywhere at any time without any difficulty.

Also, the senders will get benefits from the highest survey response rates with an SMS open rate of around ninety-five percent, compared to 20.9% for email communications.

As a matter of fact, SMS, being a channel, scores higher for response time, open rate and overall conversions. This implies that more surveys will be well acknowledged and completed, faster than traditional methods.

Cases of Survey Use:

  • Market research

  • Planning of events

  • Satisfaction surveys

  • Data cleansing

  • Staff surveys

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