WhatsApp Marketing and Broadcasting – New Era of Bulk Messaging Across Africa

WhatsApp Marketing and Broadcasting – New Era of Bulk Messaging Across Africa
24 Dec

WhatsApp Marketing and Broadcasting – New Era of Bulk Messaging Across Africa

Posted by TeleOSS

SMS has been in the market since the launch of mobiles and telecom evolution in 90s. During the launch of SMS, operators were not prepared for the huge volume of traffic it will generate. The Tsunami of SMS has actually given birth to a segment today known as the Bulk SMS marketing and promotion business. It is still in increasing demand and the prime platform for authentication even in the age of digital apps like Whatsapp, Viber and WeChat. With the help of messaging solutions like SMS Gateways and SMS Hub, Aggregators have formed a stable business line using which they are able to attract the customers and cater to their needs. The overall Bulk SMS business has matured and moving swiftly.

Almost all the companies in the African market and other countries are using SMS as their marketing tool to automate customer communication. In addition to SMS, companies are also looking at the OTT platforms like WhatsApp and similar apps which can be leveraged to capture larger customers as 85% of the African people have mobiles today. So, which means that they have an opportunity to reach the 85% of internal and several other million customers outside customer through whatsapp messaging and broadcasting solutions. As on today, there are very less solutions for

bulk whatsapp sender software

in the market which can enable customers to send bulk whatsapp messages through any applications.

WhatsApp Marketing is the Next Big thing in Africa

With an overwhelming figures like 85% of the mobile population, the country’s SMS and OTT aggregators should look at the great opportunity that they have. Businesses having presence in Africa can actually update their customers about the latest offers, events and news over mobile through the WhatsApp messaging.

Moreover, compared with SMS they have the flexibility to share digital content like images, videos, page links, etc. through whatsapp messages. And it is also cheaper than SMS because it does not consume the operator network. There are several advantages of using WhatsApp Broadcasting as well as starting a WhatsApp marketing business.

WhatsApp offers more than 160 character space compared to SMS and it enables users to view the messages instantly when they are in the internet connectivity. Customers can also respond immediately over the phone and the brand conversation start immediately.

There are features in whatsapp by which the bulk messages can be blocked or opted out if in case it is not required. Moreover, sending to specific customers who are interested will only bring you near to the customers than spamming all the messages to everyone. You can even automate your business process through whatsapp by aligning your sales person over whatsapp --> sending the details over whatsapp --> communicating with the customer -- > sending the report over whatsapp.

There are several ways of using Bulk WhatsApp Messaging with the right solution

Whether you want to start a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing and Broadcasting business or sending messages to your own end customers, all you need is a robust OTT Gateway Software or Bulk Messaging Gateway that is integrated with the well-known OTT players like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. This will also allow you to seamlessly work with different OTT platforms and customers. For example, the usage of Viber is more in Europe while Middle East does not allow WhatsApp, so if you are interested in catering to WhatsApp countries and Viber countries as well then you can enable businesses to seamlessly reach customers from various countries and regions as per their business requirements.

The OTT Gateway software will take your mobile marketing to next level and offer a complete new experience to your customers and their end users. WhatsApp Broadcasting services are the new era that will be more popular in recent times along with SMS broadcasting. Within a short time via internet platform you can reach millions of subscribers. In the digital age, the smartness to capture the market is in using the right technology and cope up with the competition.