Why WhatsApp Marketing is Becoming Integral Part of Communication Strategy Globally?

Why WhatsApp Marketing is Becoming Integral Part of Communication Strategy Globally?
24 Dec

Why WhatsApp Marketing is Becoming Integral Part of Communication Strategy Globally?

Posted by TeleOSS

We all know what WhatsApp is, how it started and who is the owner of the WhatsApp company. However, the only question that I want to ask to the readers is when is the last time you saw WhatsApp today? Just before you landed on this page or while reading this page? The point is we are so addicted to the application that we cannot live without it. Currently WhatsApp is the most used application in the world compared to any other. It is fast, easy and integreable. We all have been using it to forward messages to our friends, families and colleagues, but customers?? Never!

Observing the growing demand for WhatsApp, companies are looking forward to use the platform to automate their business processes by which they can communicate with their field staff, sales staff or even branch staff using the whatsapp messaging, video and calling. WhatsApp is spread across 180 countries and it has already been used by more than 1 billion people. It is a great platform for marketing and using it to communicate with your customers.

The recently released new Business WhatsApp API has enabled several companies to choose WhatsApp marketing for their products and services. Although the ready API is available choosing to integrate and manage the application requires a complete set of team.There are readily available solutions in the market which are already integrated with the WhatsApp solution and it can allow you to send as many messages as you want as per the business requirements. It is cost effective compared to telemarketing, email marketing and SMS marketing. Moreover, with the help of WhatsApp platform you can send dynamic content like videos, URLs, images, etc.

There are several other benefits because of which several famous brands like Wish.com, Netflix.com, Booking.com and Goibibo.com have already started using the WhatsApp based business process automation. They not only communicate with their customers on WhatsApp but also provide instant support and marketing services over the WhatsApp saving their multi-resources money, time and energy.

Check out some of the major benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Business

Customer Communication

We all know that talking on phone and listening to a list of things are sometimes are pretty irritating. If you check the average result of telemarketing and email marketing then it will not reach more than 20%. But if you check out the WhatsApp marketing and SMS marketing report then you will receive a 95% message read ratio because of the benefit of the platform. Customers will love to read on their time tha answering call.

Customer Engagement

Using a favorite app to communicate with customers also enhances the experience of the customer. Moreover, WhatsApp is so user-friendly that customer can view any document or respond without any delay. The customer engagement for business becomes easier and businesses can leverage the benefit of growing customer reliability.

Custom Content

Compared to SMS, WhatsApp offers more character space, customized content publishing and easy access to manage the content. In fact you can also track the URL links sent through the WhatsApp campaign using the Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics. All in all the overall campaign be mapped and monitored to get the desired results.


WhatsApp with its business API has enabled other OTT Gateway systems to integrate and send bulk WhatsApp messages to customers. This also enables OTT Aggregators like SMS aggregators to seriously look into a new layer of business which is highly lucrative and potential for growth. Africa based SMS Aggregators and SMS Wholesalers are already leveraging the platform using SMS and OTT Gateway available in the market to cater their customers.


There are several other benefits which will enable businesses to enhance their reach using the WhatsApp platform. By customizing the legacy systems, business processes can also be personalized and monitored to streamline. Choose the right OTT gateway and integrate with the WhatsApp API to get the best results.