TeleOSS: Enable IoT with SMS

TeleOSS: Enable IoT with SMS
27 Sep

TeleOSS: Enable IoT with SMS

Posted by TeleOSS

Statistics and common observations have joined hands to prove that we are enabling automated, real-time interactions between resources, systems, and machines because there are increasingly more networked sensors popping up in every aspect of our lives. As connected cars, smart homes, and connected industrial equipment become the norm, Statista predicts that the number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices connected globally will increase to 30.9 billion units by 2025 as opposed to the more than 13.8 billion units predicted for 2021.

But in times like these, effective information conversion depends on prompt, trustworthy communication. SMS is, therefore, crucial for enabling IoT.

Why is SMS Ideal for IoT?

SMS is the perfect IoT communications method because of its following excellent features:

  • Global coverage: Reliable 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks have the capacity to cover all corners of the earth, including remote locations with fluctuating or non-existent Internet access.
  • Cost-effective: IoT uses bulk SMS messaging to transfer data, which, when using the right provider, can be extremely economical.
  • High deliverability: SMS delivery rates are nearly 100%, especially when using a reputable SMS platform such as TeleOSS. 
  • Secure: Send data with complete data confidentiality while avoiding third-party providers.
  • Reliable: SMS provides prompt and dependable notifications, which is crucial for IoT. Any SMS message will still get to its recipient even if the power goes out or the mobile data is turned off.
  • Power-efficient: SMS allows IIoT (Industrial IoT) devices to have batteries that last years instead of just weeks or months because it doesn't require a constant connection and uses little power.

Regardless of the situation, SMS is undoubtedly the best option for sending alerts to computers, people, or other machines. It is the only channel of communication that functions on all networks and cellular devices. 

How can IoT be used with SMS?

Following are two instances in which SMS enables IoT:

  • Factories: IoT devices use digital inputs and outputs to monitor equipment, sending time-sensitive alerts when conditions such as power, security, or temperature change. A device can already be awakened and put into transmission mode using SMS in existing IoT systems, as mentioned in the IoT Agenda. SMS can also be used as an effective data transport to send configuration updates and manage a device's power supply while preserving battery life.
  • Smart Buildings: IoT devices keep an eye on environmental factors and systems and notify building management systems when an infrastructure failure occurs (BMS). Facilities managers can communicate with occupants and technicians, receive and send updates, and receive alerts through several channels simultaneously by integrating IoT with BMW and SMS. This helps to ensure the safety of tenants and guests.

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